Strategic Management of Technological Innovation

Strategic Management of Technological Innovation
TitoloStrategic Management of Technological Innovation
This edition offers: 1. Five new chapter opening cases: Blue-Ray vs. HD-DVD: a standards battle in high definition video; From PDA's to smartphones: the evolution of an industry; Bug Labs and the Long Tail; Organizing for innovation at Google; and Skull Candy: developing extreme headphones. 2. More balance between industrial products versus consumer products. More industrial product examples (such as electronic components, medical components, aerospace, and business software) and service examples (such as search and advertising services, news services, hotels, outsourced industrial design) have been included throughout the book. 3. More extensive coverage of collaborative networks in Chapters 2 and 8, including graphs of the global technology collaboration network; richer explanations and examples for the network externality graphs in Chapter 4; and more in-depth coverage of modularity in both products and organizational forms in Chapter 10. Chapter 11 has also been expanded to include Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to ensure that students are familiar with the most widely used new product development tools. (Back of Book)

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